The tasks programmed in the Datacenter Gigared culminated

Good morning. the tasks of maintenance in the electrical infrastructure of the Datacenter Gigared where it is lodged his website finalized (with a little delay) around the 7,50 a.m. After that it came to ignite the servants and the operation already was standardized from the 8 a.m. of today approximately. We are sorry… To read More “

6th June 2018
Holidays Easter

We inform to our clients who, on the occasion of the holidays of this weekend, the telephone and commercial attention in the day of the date will be until the 12 hours. retaking the habitual schedule of 8 to 16 hours. as of Tuesday 3 of April. In any case, as usual, the guard of Technical Support for… Reading More stays during these days

29th Sea 2018
Promo Advance Payment

PROMOTION BY ADVANCE PAYMENT: Paying our services of Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting in anticipated form, it obtains the following advantages: QUARTERLY PAYMENT: high of account (setup) bonificadaPAGO SEMESTER: 1 month free (it pays 5 months and it obtains 6 months on watch) ANNUAL + setup gratisPAGO: 3 months free (it pays 9… To read More “

1st February 2018
Report on ciberataque of day 12/5/17

Dear client, before consultations of some of our users with respect to the world-wide attack of Ransonware of the past Friday, we want to take tranquillity informing that the same only affects to platforms Windows. Since, at the moment, we only are commercializing servants under Linux platform risk does not exist of which it can affect to… Reading More “

17th Mayo 2017
The HotSale started!

On the occasion of Día Mundial de Internet, days 15, 16 and 17 of May of 2017 a new edition of the Hot Sale takes place and our company adheres with important promotions during those days for those who realise new hirings from our website.  Design and Implementation of Websites If not yet it must… Read More “

15th Mayo 2017
Changes in the forms of payment - important Warning!

As of May of 2017 we have implemented changes in the Forms of payment accepted by our company with the purpose of to simplify the process of payment of our clients and to accelerate the verification and accreditation of the same. They have been dropped from rolls the following forms of payment: - Payments through Dineromail/PayU: Due to several problems… To read More “

13th Mayo 2017
The Hot Sale 2017 comes: 15, 16 and 17 of Mayo

On the occasion of Día Mundial de Internet, days 15, 16 and 17 of May of 2017 a new edition of the Hot Sale will take place and our company adheres with important promotions during those days. It does not stop visiting our Website during the use of the Hot Sale 2017 and will be able to contract new services very advisable prices: - Plans of… Reading More “

11th Mayo 2017
How to generate confidence in the visitors of its website

To cause that the people who visit their website trust him is something essential so that the same is successful. Why he is advisable to install a certificate of security SSL in its site? For some months, navigators Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have begun specifically to indicate the visitors of the webpages when… To read More “

8th Mayo 2017
Gratuitous certificates SSL

As of April of 2017 we have begun to offer Certificates of Security Let's Encrypt in some of our servants of Web Hosting. These certificates, unlike Certificates of Security Payments, are free and gratuitous and every 2 months by such reason renew in automatic form especially are thought for sites… To read More “

26th Apr 2017
Google and the Certificates of Security SSL

Months, in the last in agreement the users are updating the version of their navigators, have been with the newness that many of the sites that acceded on a daily basis now show a legend informing that “the connection is not safe?. Website without SSL: Previously, the navigators showed a green padlock in the pages that… To read More?

24th Apr 2017