All our Linux servants have Control Panel DirectAdmin in Spanish, the most advanced, stable and safe of the market.


Basic characteristicses:

Ease of use: It owns a nice and intuitive interface very easy to use

Stability: It avoids downtimes thanks to his automatic recovery

Speed: It is programmed to be faster than the competition


Management of Cuenta

Summary/Statistical of the site

File manager (FileManager)


To change password

File of accesses

Information of the servant

Backup copies

Folders protected by password



Management of Emails

To manage accounts of Email within its domain

Email catch-all (to receive the post office sent to nonexistent accounts)

Redirection of accounts of Email (sendings back)

Autorespuestas (to form accounts with auto answers)

Message of Vacation (message predetermined in a rank of dates)

System Anti-Spam: SpamAssassin

Filters Anti-Spam

Webmail: AtMail

Webmail: UebiMiau

Webmail: SquirrelMail

Webmail: RoundCube


Management of Domains

To manage Bases de Datos MySQL

To manage Cuentas of FTP

To manage Subdominios (ex;

To manage domain leaders (domain alias)

Redirection of folders or all the site to another URL

Configuration of the domain

Hotlink protection for images

Selector of PHP version


Options Outposts

Certificates of Encryption SSL

Programmable tasks - Cron Jobs

Types pampers

Handlers apache

Personalizables pages of Error

Installed modules Perl

Installatron: module that allows him to install more than 100 applications in its website


Summary and Statistics

From his Control Panel DirectAdmin You will be able to control the consumption of his site and to obtain reports and statistics of visits.



The best and more complete installer of applications for its website. More than 100 scripts than settles and updates in automated form. It makes click here to know scripts available.