Advantages of the Email Marketing

The Email Marketing allows to arrive quickly at many people, being a very effective method to present its business or of strengthening relations with its present clients, associated or subscribers sending to them newsletters, promotions, etc.

For that reason we offer Cmailing to him, our powerful tool Web for Email Marketing.

Cmailing helps to harness and to grow its business, company, undertaking, educative institution or foundation, so that it reaches the objectives proposed in very short term.

It sends newsletters and publicities with interest information on his company/organization, by means of a powerful system based on Web, that can handle from any computer with connection to Internet, without installing in her no type of program.

In addition, as the shipment becomes from a special servant and not from its computer, the exit time of mails will not depend on the slowness of its connection or the delays that its supplier of Internet (ISP) has in the shipment of mails.

With Cmailing it will be able to load his lists of subscribers, to realise campaigns and to obtain a statistical analysis of the results of the shipments.


Characteristics of our system of eMarketing

Administration of its Base de Datos:

- Maintenance: To maintain a data base with the directions of the adressees of his mailings is an arduous task. To add new subscribers, to eliminate which asked to be removed and to control the directions that cause bounces are tasks that consume long time if they are made manually and, sometimes, are practically unrealizable. With Cmailing the task is possible to automate many of these tasks enormously simplifying of maintaining to the day the data base of adressees.

- Import of directions: Cmailing allows not only to enter and to correct the directions manually, but also to concern them from Access, Excel or any program that export in format .CSV.

- Administration of Campaigns and Lists: Cmailing allows limitless lists of mail, being able to administer to different areas from its company, campaigns, salesmen, etc., counting in each case with independent data bases. It is possible in addition to segment the bases according to multiple filters and advanced criteria of selection.

- Control of duplicated directions: Often which happens that a same direction of Email is entered manually under different names, originates that the adressee receives the mailing more in one go. Cmailing reviews the directions of Email to avoid the entrance of adressees already registered.

- Correction of erroneous adressees: At the moment that You load the directions of Email (or manually or concerning them from a file), Cmailing check that the same are valid and allowing their correction him, avoiding the entrance of directions with syntax errors that will produce shipments bankrupts.

- Bounces of post office: Cmailing avoids that You receive hundreds of messages bounced in his account of Email (which is penalized by many suppliers of Internet), registering the directions that bring about bounces and informing to him if they are temporary problems (for example when the square of the adressee is full) or permanent (for example when the adressee does not exist). From this form You can take action in form manual or automatically to purify of his base data the adressees who bring about these bounces.

- Subscription/Automatic Desuscripción: You will be able to place in his Website a link so that the visitors can suscribirse/desuscribir themselves automatically, without requiring intervention some of his part. Of the same form, a link is possible to include in his mailings so that receives it can be dropped automatically from rolls of the list and it does not receive plus the messages. Also it is possible to form the system so that it sends a mail to the adressee who asked to subscribe or to desuscribir himself to confirm that he is really the possessor of that account of Email.

Management of the Content:

Publisher Online: Cmailing has a complete publisher online to the MS Frontpage style that allows him to publish the content from any PC with access to Internet, consequently does not need to install program some in its PC. However, if it wishes it, also it can load his own HTML created with the publisher of his preference or create dual messages (HTML and txt).

Prediseñadas groups: Cmailing counts on predesigned groups that they facilitate the edition and preparation of his shipments, allowing him to obtain to newsletter of professional quality without needing depending on a third party.

Customized shipments: It obtains effective shipments, personalizing the content with fields that soon the system will complete automatically in each message (name of the subscriber, direction of Email, date of discharge, URL to desuscribir itself, etc.).

Message file: Cmailing stores his mailings by 30 days, allowing to include within the message a link so that the adressee can directly open the message in format HTML from his navigator, if he cannot visualize it well in the mail.

Information and Statistics:

Finalized shipment: Cmailing generates a system message whenever a shipment has finalized correctly.

Report of the shipment: Cmailing successful informs sent, bankrupts and rejected Emails; in this last case the error can be seen by each adressee and if he is temporary or permanent consequently to take actions (for example to erase all the directions automatically that bring about rejection, to erase only those that has permanent errors, etc.). Possibility of exporting report in rejected format pdf and list of in Excel format.

Statistics: Cmailing generates cake and bar chart showing the information of Emails sent successful, bankrupts, rejected, etc.

Shipments from our servants:

Specialized servants: Constantly checked that is not in black lists. Delivery de Emails 1 to 1, diminishing the classification as Spam. Structure of safe servants that it guarantees the confidentiality of his information.

It does not interfere with his present ISP: Many suppliers of Internet (ISP) sanction the users who make massive shipments or impose limitations in their accounts that allow him to send only one certain amount of messages in certain lapse, or delay the shipment of his mailings. When using our service, his mailings is sent directly from our servant, without using for it their connection of Internet or account of Email nor to consume bandwidth of their account of hosting.

Fast shipments: Although the time of shipment to all the adressees depends on the amount of Emails to send and on the quality of the servants who receive their message, the shipment is realised almost always in a pair of hours at the most.

Tail in real time: If it wishes it, it can be visualizing in real time, how they are sent his Emails.

Programmed shipments: It can program the time/date in which it wishes that the system realises the shipment automatically.

It does not occupy his PC for the shipment: Since the shipment makes our servant automatically, it does not need to install nor to leave to program some executing itself in his PC while the shipment lasts. You accede via Internet to his Control Panel Web for load his message and soon she can extinguish his PC if she wishes it, leaving the system realises the shipment automatically.


This new module allows to automate its campaigns so that they respond to the behavior of the subscribers, being able to program a series of actions that will allow him to improve the success of the same. With Automation You create you regulate of automatization and leaves to our platform of eMarketing working so that You reach his objectives. He can combine all the actions and triggers that the module owns to obtain the best results in its campaigns. He does not need to know programming since the tool is very intuitive and has aid in screen that will be it guiding. The automatization possibilities are very many, only needs to think how it would like to improve the management of its business. More information.


Plans of eMarketing:

Our system of Email Cmailing Marketing is offered in two modalities: Plans by Installment (for those who regularly realise a certain amount of shipments) and Plans by Credits Pre-payments (for those who realise shipments in irregular or very sporadic form).


Also we can order to us to send his Newsletters or to realise Campaigns of eMarketing by You, for more information makes click here.

It remembers that our company also offers the best alternatives to him in plans of Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Registro de Dominios, in addition to other services as StreamingDevelopment Web and Certificates of Security SSL.