Our company offers a totally complete System of Shipment of Newsletters that allows that the same user realises and sends its Campaigns of Email Marketing.

However, if You wish it, we can offer an integral service to him that completely includes all the tasks regarding the accomplishment of its Campaigns of Email Marketing. 

We offer to him:

Creativity in the design of its cc$bbs

Design of logos, promotional texts, etc

Optimization of Images

Model-making HTML of its bulletin

Customized connections on the foot of the bulletin to terminate itself

Automated form of loss

Load of its data bases

Shipment of its bulletin at the moment that you indicate

Report with the results of the campaign

Purification of its Base de Datos

You can need that we are in charge of all the stages that take part in their Campaigns of eMarketing or only of some of them, for that reason adapted to the concrete needs of each client realising an individual supply of services in each case. We invited it to put themselves in touch with us and to pose its doubts or needs to us related to Campaigns of Email Marketing.

It remembers that our company also offers the best alternatives to him in plans of Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Registro de Dominios, in addition to other services as StreamingDevelopment Web and Certificates of Security SSL.