Payment in cash (automatic accreditation):

This is the option preferred by our clients by the simple thing of its operating one and so that it does not require credit card nor to realise no additional process and by such reason is assigned by defect as predetermined form of payment.

When You receive a Reminder of Payment by mail, the same already she includes a bar code that will allow to pay it him only with printing it and presenting it before any teller of the country of: Rapipago, Easy Payment, Province Payments, PagoListo, PampaPagos, FormoPagos, Bapro Pagos, Direct Payment, Ripsa and Working Cooperative.

This form of payment has automatic accreditation within the 24 hours. of realised the same although, actually, the accreditation one takes place only in minutes.


Click to consult accepted cards, effective surcharges by payment in quotas and promotions here.

Payment Online with Card (instantaneous accreditation):

You can also pay by means of debit card in 1 payment or with credit card in 1 or more payments through MercadoPago (click to consult accepted cards, effective surcharges by payment in quotas and promotions here.).

Also it is possible, if You therefore wish it, to divide the amount to pay in two different credit cards.

The accreditation of its payment is instantaneous, receiving our confirmation by mail in automatic form neither or finishes conducting the operation.


Banking transference (subject accreditation to verification):

If it prefers to realise his payment by means of a banking transference from his account, or by HomeBanking or ATM, it must have present that the same will be pending until we verify the effective accreditation of his transference in our bank account.

This process can delay up to 48 hours. capable and, with a view to make agile it, we will be thankful him that it sends a mail to us a with the data of the transference and the reference of payment (N

°of Reminder of Payment to which its payment corresponds).


In order to know more envelope how to pay our services or in particular to change the form of payment predetermined for a proof, it visits our section of Frequent Questions here making click.