Guarantee of Satisfaction

If he is not in agreement with our service of Web Hosting and asks for the loss of the same within the 30 days of contracted, we give back the 100% to him of the money that paid by that service.


What services describe for Reimbursements?

Reimbursements for the services of Shared Hosting Linux, Cloud Hosting and Hosting Resellers will be able to be solicitd.


How to ask for the Reimbursement?

Send an Email or a ticket to us of support soliciing the Reimbursement and indicating the service that wishes to terminate not to be as with the same.


Term to ask for the Reimbursement

You can ask for the loss and the reimbursement of his money within the 30 days run from the date in which she contracted the service. Overcome that term, reimbursement order will not be accepted some, despite the lender can, according to its criterion, to maintain the amount corresponding to the installment nonused as credit at the expense of future hirings of the user.



Under no concept reimbursements by other services different from or enunciated precedingly or by services will take place that had been suspended or cancelled to violate the Terms of service.

In case the user had contracted next to the reimbursable service other that was not it (for example a Registry of Domain), the amount of the service (or services) will only collect that describe for reimbursements, although the user decides to also cancel the other contracted services.


Please it reads also our Privacy Policy and the Terms of service.