We are different

A company is never equal to another one, although all will assure to him that they are the best ones in his heading. Tenth we him, let us verify it same You contracting our services and will notice the difference.

Our trajectory

We are in the market from year 1999 and are going to continue operating by many years more, since permanently we explored new technologies and we always looked for to improve our servants and systems to obtain every day a better service.

Customized attention

We offer a careful customized attention because we know the important thing that it is the support and it helps when the client, our more important assets, needs it. We took pains to always give to a quick answer and an effective solution to the disadvantages that could appear.

Innovations in the Technical Support

We put to its service our better predisposition and the average technicians to solve its problems or consultations. Continuously we incorporated new solutions to improve our answer: Permanent monitoring of the Servants, Help Desk 24x7, Remote Support, Chat, Knowledge base with fast solutions to frequent problems, etc. Day to day we looked for to offer to our clients the greater quality, rapidity and flexibility in our post-sales attention.

Hardware of last generation

While others commercialize plans of hosting based on Outlet servants or low cost, we improved our infrastructure continuously, offering hardware of first level, automatization, redundancy and quality as it is possible to be obtained in the United States or Europe, but with the tranquillity to have the servants in its country and with a technical support that its own language speaks.

Servants of low density

All our plans are lodged in servants of high efficiency and low density of users (we did not realise overselling), to guarantee always the best service and a high speed of answer.

Datacenters with the last technology

Our servants are located in Datacenters with the last technology: Argentina (IFX and Gigared), the USA (GlobeBuilding) and Europe (Datadock), guaranteeing the security and availability of its website from any part of the world.

Control Panel in Spanish

Our Plans of Hosting Linux have Control Panel DirectAdmin. This advanced Control Panel offers a great versatility and stability; he has an interface nice and easy to use and is in his own language. With him he can manage and control his website to the maximum.

Installer of applications

The majority of our Linux Plans counts on Installatron, a powerful module that allows to install in automated form more than 100 applications free (forums, cms, virtual blogs, stores, etc.).

Guarantee of satisfaction

When contracting our services of Hosting you have 30 days during which, if he is not in agreement with the quality of our service, she can ask for the reimbursement of the paid money.

The Staff of valianthost.com