This Agreement is of application for all that one person or organization (in future the “user?) that contracts the services offered by C.S.I. Computer science services (in future the “lender?). Please, it reads kindly until the end to make sure that it understands the terms before contracting to anyone of our products or services.

Acceptance on the part of the user

The single hiring of anyone of the services that the lender provides supposes the acceptance on the part of the user of all the conditions anticipated and those here that communicate to him in the future. The lender reserves the right to introduce modifications in served and the norms settled down in the present, being considered himself accepted by the user in case of not receiving express communication on the part of the same rejecting them.

Acceptance on the part of the lender

The lender reserves the right to accept or to reject according to his criterion, causes or previous reason, the requests that receive from the user. He will take himself as accepted request when the user receives a notification by Email from the staff of the lender. Silence, the absence of notification to the user, or the express rejection of the request of services on the part of the lender, will imply that some between the parts does not exist contract formation.

Data of the User

The user declares and guarantees the veracity and exactitude of all the information provided to the lender with a view to settle down and to maintain the service.

The user certifies that he is greater of 18 years and he declares to be the legal person responsible for the use of the contracted service, committing itself to provide to the lender his complete and real data and to maintain it on the matter informed into any produced change.

The lender can trust the instructions of the person who appears as main contact of the account of the user until this one notifies that it wishes to change the responsible person or to add to an additional contact.

The lender will realise all notifications by Email according to the information provided by the user when contracting the service. The lender will not be responsible for the nonreception of these notifications. The user is the person in charge to communicate to the lender any modification on the data and to always maintain registered one direction of operative Email at least. The warnings will be considered received the day of transmission, or if that day is not a working day, the first working day following to the day of delivery. In order to assure the reception all the messages that the lender sends, he is advisable that the user provides more than a direction of Email that he reviews daily.

The lender compromente, on the other hand, not to distribute, to sell or to facilitate to third people the information available of the user. Please click reads also our Privacy Policy doing here.

Policy of Acceptable Use

All the services that the lender provides could be used exclusively with legal intentions. Any transmission, storage, or presentation of information, data or material that break the regional laws, provincial, national or international are prohibited. This includes, but a is not limited: materials with right of author, obscene threatening considered material either, or material protected by secret of commerce or another statute. It is prohibited the pornography or any marketing research related to sex in the servants of the lender. This includes to the sites that can infer sexual content, or bonds to other sites with content for adults. If some user wants to put a connection to a Web of adults, he must ask for the due authorization previously to the lender. In the same way the sites are prohibited that promote any content or illegal activity or that can damage the servants of the lender or any other servant of Internet. The lender will determine if there has been some violation to this disposition and will come to disqualify the site violator.

He is prohibited to use programs that overload the operation of the network (as bots or IRC) like all type of abuse towards the operation of the servants is prohibited or to carry out any illegal activity directed to harm a user, system, or group of systems of Internet. Notwithstanding the legal actions that could head the lender or third parties in case the user violates the Policies of Acceptable Use or ahead takes any action that could be described by the lender as from prohibited use, the lender will later take the measures that the right considers advisable according to its exclusive criterion, reserving itself to suppress the content of the website of the user or to do it inaccessible to third parties, notifying it to the user. Before any violation to the Policies of Acceptable Use, the lender reserves the right unilaterally to solve the benefit of the service, without right to indemnification some towards the user.

Technical support

The lender offers without position a Portal Web of Aid and Technical Support where he will find answer to Frequent Questions from the clients and access to the Clients Area from where the user will be able to manage his consultations of technical support the 24 hours. the 365 days of the year.

The user also will be able to send his consultations by Email or other means that the lender communicates opportunely and that will be published in the website of the lender.

The reach of the Technical Support is only limited the services contracted with the lender. In no case technical support to applications of third parties offers, or are installed by the user, the lender or provided as optional element in some plans (ex Installatron, routines cgi, lists majordomo, etc.),

All work of programming, development or implementation of options and/or additional tasks that were required by the user and not are contemplated in the contracted service, will be quoted and is invoiced opportunely as additional services.


The user commits to the payment of the installment on watch according to the effective prices and conditions that declare to know and to accept and that could at any moment be consulted visiting the website of the lender.

The payments are in advance and deposit or transference in bank account, money order or any other form of payment will take place by means of that the lender determines. The effective Forms of payment, could at any moment be consulted by the user, visiting the website of the lender.

The cycle of invoicing corresponds to the selected one by the user at the time of contracting the service and its account will renew automatically by the same period of not mediating express notification on the part of the user before that happens.

Political on Slow Payments

a) By 10 days of delay, 10% of surcharge to the amount will be due to add to pay, with a minimum surcharge of $ 30.

b) By 20 days of delay, it will be come to the suspension of the service. For the reactivation of the same, the client will have to pay the up-to-date debt as she indicates herself in the previous point, plus the position of reconexión, stipulated in $ 80.

c) If the debt is not cancelled, passed 30 days of blackberry, it will come itself definitively to terminate the service, eliminating itself of our servants all the data of the user, without having this one right to reclamation some.


The user must ask for the low cancellation or of the service at least 15 days ahead to the next victory. Once generated a new position to correspond the automatic renovation he conforms the cycle of payment chosen by the user, this one will not be able to ask for the loss of the service without before cancelling the owed installment.

Reimbursements of money by cancellations anticipated on the part of the user are not realised. The lender can, according to his criterion, to credit in the account of the user the amount corresponding to the installment nonused that will be able to be applied to future contraciones. This does not apply in case of cancellations by breach on the part of the user to anyone of the terms of the present.

The user accepts that the lender can suspend the services without previous warning and bearing responsibility in the following cases:

a) When the lender reasonably thinks that the services are being used in violation of the Policies of Acceptable Use or any other clause of these Terms of service.

b) When the user does not cooperate with any reasonable investigation of any suspicion of violation to these terms.

c) When the lender considers that the suspension of the service is necessary to protect its network or its other clients.

d) At the request of the police or he gets hold of regulating.

e) When incurring the user blackberry conforms the stipulated thing in our Political one on Slow Payments.

Promotional tariffs and special supplies

The lender can offer promotional tariffs or special supplies that, in some cases, can be of application only for new clients. In this case, the preexisting users will not have right some to demand the application of the new conditions for the services contracted outside the use of the promotion.

Promotional tariffs can be subject to additional terms and conditions or that modify the terms in this Agreement. Except for express indication in opposite, the promotions are not matched to each other.

Guarantee of 30 days of return of money

In case of disagreement with the service, the user must right to demand our guarantee of 30 days of return of money whenever the following requirements are fulfilled:

a) The user carried out the reclamation within the first 30 run days of hiring of the service.

b) The user did not violate any of the Terms of service nor the Policy of Acceptable Use.

c) The service by which it wishes to ask for reimbursement is protected by the guarantee of return of money (for more information on the services covered by this Guarantee, it reads our Refund Policy).

If the registry of a domain name were included as part of the payment realised by the user, the value of that registry of domain will not be reimbursable.

Clauses regarding the Service of Web Hosting

The servants of the lender will be connected to backbone of Internet by means of one or more links or nodes. The lender will have total will as far as the physical location of the servants.

The lender will provide, if the client wishes, primary and secondary servants of name for all the domains lodged in his servants.

Everything script or application Web that causes a bad operation in the servant, whom it does not have installed the corresponding updates and/or it owns faults that allow to be operated jeopardizing the stability or security of the servant, will originate its immediate removal and/or the suspension of the website without previous warning. The user is responsible and must evaluate his applications regularly Web and scripts that he has installed to guarantee the security and the order of his site and the rest of the lodged sites in the servant.


Each plan or service is in force by the characteristics that appear in the website of the lender, which can at any time be modified by the lender. Each account has some capacities principles clearly delimited, which cannot be exceeded by the user. The user is responsible periodically to monitor the consumption of space and monthly transference of his site and to take the pertinent measures to avoid to exceed the limits assigned to his account, or controlling and/or limiting the use of the bandwidth, releasing space in his account or asking for the change to a plan with majors resources. The Control Panel offers the possibility him of knowing at any moment how much it is the space and the transference that it owns contracted and which are the up-to-date consumption. In addition, the servant can notify it by Email in case of approaching the maximum limits of his account.

In case of exceeding the assigned monthly transference, the servant will come automatically to suspend to the account until the resumption of the accountant (the first day of the following month) or until upgrade to a plan with greater transference is realised.

In case of exceeding the disc space, the account will be disqualified to send and to receive post office and the lender reserves the right to migrate the account to a plan with greater space invoicing to the additional user the corresponding one to the change of plan.


The user commits himself to abstain to send e-mails with announcements nonasked for (Spam), to bother to other users by this means, to send or to propagate computer viruses or to realise any other activity that interferes with other users or affects the good operation of the network or the servants. By commercial Spam the shipment is understood of Emails not solicitd, not necessarily in massive form. Also the shipment of Emails is catalogued of that form commercial not asked for from another servant or supplier, but who promotes a website or Email lodged in the network of the lender. The lender is, in all the cases, that will determine if this disposition has been violated and will come to sanction to the usuary violator being suspended their account and, in case of loss recidivism, giving him and disqualifying it in permanent form to use the services of the lender.


The lender realises backup copies of the stored information in his servants in weekly form. However, in case of accidental erasure or due to certain contingencies it is possible that its total replacement cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, the user commits himself to realise by his account and in periodic form a backup copy or backup of his archives with the purpose of to replace these if it were necessary and he on the matter exonerates the lender of all responsibility.

In the majority of our servants the accomplishment of backup copies is possible from the same Control Panel and/or to automate this task so that they are executed in regular form. If it has doubts on the matter, it consults to Technical Support how to carry out this task.

Clauses regarding the Service of Design Web

The payments by honoraria of Design and Implementation of Websites are realised of this form: 50% when ordering the work and the balance once the same is finished.

In all the plans of design, when reference to a certain amount becomes of pages, norm is taken as that the maximum size of each of them is given by the equivalent to the standard A4. If the material to publish exceeds this size, it will be due to pay additional pages.

The design plans Web do not include maintenance or future modifications of the website. This could opportunely be asked for by the client, having to pay to the honoraria corresponding to the maintenance service Web.

The user can ask for to the lender the inclusion in the design of his website of some additional functionalities or realise modifications to the contemplated thing in the initial budget, committing itself to pay to the difference corresponding of honoraria when cancelling the remaining balance.

Once the design of the website is finished, the lender will realise Up-you praise or raised of the same one of his own servants of Internet and will be Online a maximum of 15 (fifteen) days so that the user can visualize it and unload it to his computer.

If the usuary contract also with the lender the service of Web Hosting or Lodging for its site, Up-you praise will be realised directly to the space contracted by the user so that it is working in his final destination.

Optionally the user will be able to solicit that an additional position is given to him to a copy of the complete site in CD or DVD paying.

When soliciing the accomplishment of the website, the client must give the material to publish (which will have to fulfill certain lineaments or you rule established by the lender) and to pay to a sign or advance at the expense of the design honoraria, as it was indicated precedingly.

Clauses regarding the service of eMarketing

The service of eMarketing is thought for the shipment of Newsletters to data bases of the user whose adressees have been verified and added voluntarily.

The user commits himself to abstain to send e-mails with announcements nonasked for (SPAM). The lender monitors the activity of each user and describes as shipment as Spam the following cases:

- When the Emails rejected by permanent errors in a shipment surpass 15%

- When one or several subscribers of a list denounce a not asked for mailing as

- When the user tries to load to the system ready majors to 5000 subscribers without justifying his origin

- When the data of the sender of the message (name or direction of Email) are false

- When the message contains a subject that can be deceptive or does not have relation with the content of the mailing

- When the sent message does not provide to the adressee a form clear and simple to terminate itself of that list of email

If a user incurs cases of Spam as he details themselves precedingly, he will be suspended without needing previous warning and he will be notified soon so that he carries out his unloading if he wishes to continue with the service. The lender will analyze the presented justifications and will decide if he continues or not serving to the user.

The shipment of wished mail (SPAM) cannot cause that one or several organizations list in their Black List (ready blacks) direction IP of the servant of eMarketing where the usuary violator has his account, which will cause that the messages sent from that servant can not arrive at marked destiny or being as mail nonwished by the adressee, harming not only to the usuary violator but also other users of the same servant. In case of finding negligence on the part of the user in the enlistment of one or several directions IP in Black List, the lender will be able to initiate legal actions against the user by the damages that this causes to him.

Clauses regarding the Registry of Domains

The user accepts to pay to the lender the amount settled down in the price list of the lender for the initial registry of the wished domain and, if he decides to renew the registry soon, he will have the user to pay the amount corresponding to the renovation before his victory.

In no case reimbursements will be realised, although the registry of the domain name is suspended, cancelled or transferred before the conclusion of the term of effective registry then.

The lender reserves the right to modify the tariffs at any time, to his whole discretion.

The lender will not carry out any proceeding of registry or renovation of domain until the payment of the same is received, considering the payment effective when the bank or tax collecting organization credits it in the account of the lender. This means that if two orders different on the same name from domain were transacted, will process first that one that is paid before, without considering the dates of the orders (first in being paid, first in being transacted).

Once initiates the proceedings on any domain, will not be able to be annulled nor to modify the registry and therefore restorations of any type will not take place although the user asks for the cancellation of the proceeding.

The orders that are not paid within 7 days will be dropped from rolls automatically.

The user exonerates to the lender of any responsibility towards third parties derived from the breach of the obligations derived from the present contract.

The lender cannot guarantee that the order realised by the user is practicable until the registry process finalizes, since another person can before initiate the proceeding of registry of the same domain through another Registrar.

The acceptance of these conditions implies the acceptance of Normas and Condiciones imposed by all the regulating organizations of names of domain in Internet.

The user certifies that, according to its knowledge, the use of the name of asked for domain does not affect the rights of intellectual property of third parts and accepts that the registry of a domain name does not confer any legal right on the same.

The user accepts that she is the person in charge to all the effects of any problem on the rights of use of the chosen name and is committed to accept any possible requirement of tie arbitration with the registered name. In the assumption to exist a conflict on the attribution of a domain name, the user commits himself to this end follow the norms on resolution of settled down conflicts.

The lender will not act as referee for resolutions of disputes between the user and third parts by the use of the domain name.

The user accepts that she is the only person in charge of the election of this name of domain and its later maintenance.

Clauses regarding the Resellers

All the clauses of the present contract are extensive to the Plans for Resellers or Revendedores. In this case, reseller, is committed to transmit these Terms of service and to make fulfill them on the part of its final clients and is shared in common responsible in the case that some of its clients violates some of these clauses.

Reseller is commited to pay to the lender the contracted services, independent of the result of the collection or businesses that he makes to resell these services, according to the effective prices and conditions that declare to know and to accept and that could at any moment be consulted visiting the website of the lender.

The lender, on the other hand, commits himself to communicate exclusively with the Reseller and not to contact to the end users of the service, being thus maintained its anonymity in front of them and allowing the remarketer to determine its own policies and prices in front of its clients, unless reseller he fails to fulfill these Terms of service and the lender must communicate with some of the end users before the lack of answer of the Reseller.

The lender will exclusively offer to Technical Support to the Reseller, being this one the person in charge to respond in front of his clients.

Electronic commerce

The user will be the only person in charge of the development, operation and maintenance of his store and products in line, along with all the contents and materials that appear in line or in their products, including, without limitation:

a) The exactitude and suitability of the contents and materials that appear within the store or in relation to its products.

b) To guarantee that the content and the materials that appear within the store or related to their products do not violate or infringe the rights of third parties.

c) To guard so that the content that appears within the store is not slanderous or illegal. The user will be the only person in charge by the final calculation and the application of shipment and tax of sales. Also she will be the only person in charge to accept, to process and to fill up the orders of the clients, and for the handling of the consultations of the clients or claims that arise from there.

The user also is responsible by the security for all the numbers of credit cards and other information of the clients as a result of the accomplishment of transactions of electronic commerce through his website.

Resignation of Guarantees and Limitation of Responsibility

Due to the possibility of own problems of the Internet network and other unforseeable contingencies and of greater force, the lender cannot guarantee that their services are uninterrupted, free of errors, or completely safe; therefore he cannot accept responsibilities derived from the loss or delay of the information that could undergo the user, interruption of business or any other damage produced by the operation of the contracted services or not to fulfill these the expectations of the user. The lender offers his services with the best intention of than it is a satisfactory and productive experience for the user, nevertheless, considering the fragility of the digital information, the communications networks and generally of the new technologies, the usuary resignation specifically to demand by any loss or indirect damage that suffers as direct result or of any situation that appears with the contracted services the lender.

The lender does not take responsibility, under any concept, of which to the user he goes to him badly or or in the business that can have begun through the services contracted with the lender.

Still supposing that the lender was found negligent or guilty, its responsibility will not go beyond the reimbursement of the amount corresponding to the period paid early and by which did not serve.

The lender does not make any representation as far as the mercantibilidad or correction of any intention of served and any other service to help that the user provides.

Final clauses

Software, the hardware and the service of access to Internet that the user uses to manage the access or maintenance to the website are responsibility of the user and the companies that commercialize them.

The present contract has validity by the term that the user at the time of contracting the service selects and he renews automatically to his victory except for notification in opposite on the part of the user before the generation of a new position.

The lender reserves the right to cancel or to suspend discretionarily and immediately the service when the user does not fulfill the settled down thing in this contract.

If some of the parts brings about some legal action regarding this Contract, each will become person in charge of the honoraria of its lawyers, legal costs and expenses generally which it has incurred.

By any question that outside provoked or consequence of this contract, both parts are put under the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of Rosario, having constituted themselves the legal addresses informed when contracting the service and considering themselves as made personally the notifications in these addresses.

Please it reads also our Privacy Policy and the Refund Policy.